The Roots of ARTICON


rtifact Consultancy, now known as ARTICON, was founded in 2015 by conversion rate optimization experts Oliver Hannaford and David Howard.

Unlike other agencies that offer a wide range of generalized marketing services, ARTICON has always been focused solely on CRO and user experience (UX). This enables our team, which has a combined 20+ years of specialized experience, to deliver customized optimization solutions that boost the conversion rates of our clients.

We’re proud to provide top-tier CRO services from research and hypotheses to implementation and testing for businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas.

The Right People in the Right Roles. Not only are all members of our team trained in the ConversionXL methodology, but we also have individual specialties.

Both at our base in Japan and on our remote teams in the UK, US, and Europe, we have specialists in data analysis, UX research, web development, and AB testing.

Each of us is dedicated to getting outstanding results for our clients and harnesses all our expertise and creativity to make that a reality.

Oliver Karl Hannaford
Oliver Karl HannafordCEO & Co-Founder
Oliver – originally from Leicestershire, UK – leverages his years of expertise in data analysis and design to solve problems and get results for clients.
David Howard
David HowardCOO and Co-Founder
David – originally from Indiana, USA – has a keen eye for detail, which equips him to successfully lead our many qualitative and UX research initiatives.
Nans Girardin
Nans GirardinHead of Japan Operations
Nans – originally from France – and has been working in UX/CX for over 10 years for companies in Paris, Dublin, Vienna, Athens and Gibraltar.
Alexander Ito
Alexander ItoJapan Sales Executive
Originally based in California, Alexander has been working in the marketing industry as a global-trends consultant in Japan for the past 2 years. The largest among his accomplishments was acquiring Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company as a client and providing overall oversight for their global brand web renewal. Other industries that he’s had experience with are e-commerce, outdoor sports, food, and IR sites.

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